If you are interested in scheduling a visit for a private school, home school group, or public school outside the localities listed on the About & Event Participation pages please contact Jessie Vernon (

It takes an incredible team of employers & employees, volunteers, educators, and planning team members to ensure our students get the most from their Career ChoICE Youth Expo experience. We find that the steps we take to prepare everyone for the event not only help the students but also aid the adults in having the most fulfilling, least stressful time possible.

Before attending the event:
Teachers should:

1. Read the Educator FAQ Sheet and/or View the Educator Career ChoICE video

Students should:

1. View the Pre-Expo Presentation (below) (2019)

2. Receive their Career ChoICE booklet (2019)

3. Complete their Pre-Expo Survey (link to online version of the Survey)

4. Plan their visit utilizing the Student Activity Map (2019)

Your school's organizer should be sharing details with you regarding your school's exact participation date & time. They may have also asked you to help prepare your student participants, including having your students view the "Pre- Expo Presentation".

The Pre-Expo Presentation is designed to explain the purpose of Career ChoICE and to help students prepare for the event. It is available in two formats:
1. Narrated- just push play (2019)

This recording of the presentation requires no teacher knowledge of the Expo, all you have to do is press play. After viewing the presentation we encourage you to have your students watch the 2019 Career ChoICE video below.

2. Un-narrated (2019)

This is a Prezi presentation and requires previous experience/knowledge of the Expo. Use of this version will require the teacher to advance the presentation and provide the details/narration. The 2018 Career ChoICE video is embedded in the Prezi.

This Video from last year's event provides a wonderful overview of what the Expo is all about!