Career Resources

Thinking about your career while in middle or high school may seem a little weird, but we challenge you to ask yourself a simple question: What am I really good at doing?

You may excel in the classroom or on the fields or stage or even all three. You also may be good at playing board and video games, putting together puzzles and airplane models or making baked goods, jewelry and sandcastles or camping, fishing, biking, hiking or convincing your friends there is nothing more fun than going on the scariest rollercoaster.

Regardless of your talents and interests in or out of the classroom, without even knowing it, when you are really good at something, you have an opportunity to turn this talent into something more: Your job.

This Career ChoICE event is for you to see firsthand there are jobs right here in our region that match your talents and dreams for the future. Our advice to you is to take advantage of this opportunity – Ask employers and their employees what they love most about their companies and their roles in these companies. Can you relate to their passions? Can you see yourself doing what they are doing after you have finished your schooling?

Enjoy your time at the expo and be prepared to ask a lot of questions. In the meantime, review this program to learn about career opportunities in our region, leading to jobs that support your talents and dreams for the future. Be sure to check out the other great resources we have listed under the Career Resources Menu at the top of the page.